Monday, August 10, 2009

What is 100% Pure Bird's Nest?

Dear Friends,

Do you know what is 100% Pure Bird's Nest?

Last week i was referred by Dr Yahasmidah to a company who involved in birdnest cleaning process in Sungai Buluh,Selangor. I visited and checked the process of cleaning methods; I found the process as normal as others birdnest cleaning process plants i.e they are processing genuine white bird's nests. They try hard to maintain the original shape of the nests and forgo the purity of the nests. They left many fine feathers behind the nests. Feathers were containing arsenics. It made the birdnest unpure.

I was told another major issue of the rejection was the total plate count. What is this? It means when counting the bacteria, it exceeded the limits. Why total plate coount? The process is mean for export purposes. Just to prove goods export is free from bacteria and viruses.

Procedure conducting the the is as follow: Take samples about 25 grams, together with Borang MVKJB/KAV01 and send to Veterinary Department for E coli count,Coliform count,Salmonella sp count and Staph. aureus count...Heatlth Certificate will be given upon satisfaction results.

I was told the tests failed 5 out of 5 times sampling tests. What is the issues then?

Yes, they are one of the ignorant processors who learned the technology from unqualifed masters. They were taught to remove feathers and keep the shape of nest as original as possible,so as to look nice. But what about hygenic factors? They ignored the presence of bacterias and viruses, heavy metals,contaminants...

Further to my investigations, some samples tested by Permulab Sdn Bhd shown that, the protein level dropped from 57.4% to 3.02 %. What has happened? The result shown a sharp drop of protein...why? Further investigation shown the use of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 as bleaching agents. It bleached away amino acids,good minerals, epidermic growth factors,antioxidants,etc...?? Modern Swiflet nest Processors are advised not to use any chemicals in the processing. It served no purpose.

I was told the buyers from Hong Kong ask local processors to spray about 250gram of water to 750 gram of nests justto facilitate easy packaging. But this unhygenic practices create a good environment for yeast and molds growth. If yeast and mold grown, then Boric Acids, Potasssium Sulphide,Sodium benzote,and others preservatives were used. This preservatives if consumed daily will hardened our liver and caused cancer. So, do you know why 100% purity of birdnest is important?

Conclusion for 100% Pure Bird Nest:

1. Pure heart: (always put consumers health at priority.)
2. Free from bleaching agent:(soluble amino acids, minerals... will retained)
3. Free from preservatives:(prevent cancer of liver...)
4. No additives added: (to provide pure birdnest)
5. Test for bacteria and virus counts
6. Moisture content should be less than 10%
7. Free from feathers,and other contaminants and heavy metals like mercury, lead,arsenic,chromium,ferrous(ferric),cadmium etc...

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Tijariyah Zone said...

May I know, what importance of moisture content should be less than 10% in bird nest?