Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unity Is Plural

There is no right or wrong in anything, there is only whether you learned from the process..I do quite agree with Vasu statement...

from Vasu.................
It is time to speak.
Positive, negative, Good, bad... sides of the same coin.. so if one favours good, taking the analogy of the coin, that structurally it remains flat, then it follows that one must also give equal consideration or 'favour' to 'bad'. Otherwise the coin would become unstable and become distorted - Since they must coexist.
I would like to highlight 3 things I observed in relation to this thing called 'positive' thinking as I 'straightened' things out in my life:
1. It is only the first of many steps - it begins with this.
2. It OK to be negative sometimes - as long as you are aware and have a sense of humour around it
3. Non attachment and non judgement to results is key
So what do I mean?
I have come to realise that in my most 'negative' (I use the inverted comma to highlight the fact that I have a different thinking around the 2 concepts) times, it is not the event or person or thing that caused the 'negativity', but my resistance of the truth around the event. If my marriage fails, the 'negativity' stems from the pain of non acceptance. I don't want to feel like a failure, or I don't want to be alone, or I don't like answering to society etc. Anything "I don't want" is a 'negative' - hence the negative feelings around it.
If I am an Awakened soul, and only if I was one, I would have acted differently... I am not. It can be hard to deal with the TRUTH. So to hide from it I give excuses - She left, there was someone else, we changed, we grew apart, we should have known...all the reasons to absolve me and either blame the other person (shirk off the responsibility) or share the blame (lessen Responsibility).
I found that the way to get out of this is 'Positive' thinking. I sang positive songs, read positive books, wrote positive notes about my self. That created a state in me that desired change. That is what 'POSITIVE' thinking did.. Only Create the desire for things to change.. to be different.. preferably in a positive way.
So it begins with this.
Next It is OK to be 'NEGATIVE' as long as you can have a sense of humour about it. I've on occassions allowed myself to 'slip' and be 'negative'. It is fun, blaming and bitching and laughing at's quite liberating sometimes. Then what I do is laugh at myself for being so 'negative'. then 'Whoosh' it all away. Try it.
And finally I realised that the feeling of negativity stems from our expectations. We embark on a journey and then want and try to temper the outcome. and when it is not as what we wanted.. we call it a failure and become 'negative' around the outcome. I found that this is the surest way to set myself up for 'negative' thinking.
I found that visualising the outcome helps.. and when the outcome is not as 'expected', thank the Universe for the NEW experience and make adjustments to behavior, or then see what the new results can be.
This is what I found.

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